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Health Coaching

Our Health Coaching program is designed to support you in self-exploration and discovery into developing a clearer vision for your health and lifestyle goals, as well as deliberate action steps to move forward to accomplish these.  Incorporation of meditation, journaling, gratitude, yoga, exercise and positive food choices are the cornerstone.


What will health coaching entail?


  • Team approach to identify and set weekly goals and activities that will help you better                                                                     understand your strengths and weaknesses. and how to find success.


  • One 30-45 minute phone call, ZOOM or text messaging session per week, in which we cover your goals, personal feelings regarding your journey thus far, and any other activities/worksheets that were assigned during the week.


  • Access to personally written affirmations, meditations, yoga sessions and recipes meant to motivate and boost your happiness and success!


 What can you expect from me?

  • An empathetic and discerning ear that can help you to recognize certain patterns, behaviors, and tendencies in your life that may be holding you back from being the absolute healthiest that you can be.


  • An accountability partner that will guide you through developing goals, new paths and habits, aimed at achieving both your long-term and short-term goals, in an approachable and sustainable way.


  • A cheerleader and professional confidante who can help you manifest your goals life through self-awareness, education, self-love and commitment.   


  • Through weekly and monthly plans, timeframes, and phone sessions, together we will journey together to a healthier YOU.


The difference between health coaching and therapy?

Though health coaching involves a great deal of self-improvement and psychological techniques and practices, it is vital to remember that there is a difference between a health coach and a life coach or therapist or psychologist. While I can help you to focus on your health goals and aspirations, I cannot diagnose/treat mental illness, prescribe medication, or make your life decisions for you. Coaching is a tool  to help YOU empower YOU, through guidance and a partnership. Your choices and decisions remain YOUR OWN, and personal accountability must be vital in this working relationship.

We will work together to format a plan that is not only unique and personalized to you, but one that can help you grow and thrive with confidence. Behavior-change research suggests that individuals are more likely to implement and stick with new behaviors when they feel autonomous, competent and connected (Ryan and Deci, 2000).  My focus is to support my clients to determine their own goals, priorities and action steps, and then support that journey.

Online Health Coaching Can Be Even Better Than In-Person Coaching

Not surprising, when people are comfortable, they are more open to expressing emotions and more honest with their feelings.    In the same vein, many also like knowing that, if they do touch on a big emotional topic, it is a safe place to let down your guard, Virtual also provides a conducive safe space for some housekeeping actions after a session, including journaling, meditating or daily goal setting. 


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