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Who We Are
Meet Nicole

The Elite Peasant at its heart is a philosophy. We can be ethical, responsible and sustainable without compromising excellence.  We can be committed to healthy living without deprivation or uncomfortability. 

YOGA: Our yoga classes are restorative for the soul and tailored for your private, corporate and special class or event, with a focus on connecting mind and body and breath.  Custom and catered to all levels.

We also offer custom YOGA for your special event, birthday, bridal party and more.

COACHING: Our Health Coaching focuses on support of Mind Body Self (MBS) to partner in helping to achieve your goals for long term success.

SHOP: We offer unique hand crafted 100% soy candles that are hand cut and sanded from recycled wine bottles, featuring cotton wicks and organic essential oils, as well as hand made yoga mat key rings.

In all our products and services we follow a zero waste philosophy -focused on finding creative and elegant ways to enhance our life while managing our footprint.

Welcome to the Elite Peasant

The Art of Bliss

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